Friday, December 20, 2019

Advertising Analysis Tipalet Advertising - 1121 Words

Tipalet Advertising Tipalet was a company from the late 1960s known for its Tipalet cigarette and its provocative advertising. The company ran several advertisements focusing on a man and a woman smoking. Their most known advertisement was a magazine full-page ad featuring a man looking into a woman’s eyes and blowing smoke at her. The advert shows both young adults in a healthy state with the woman leaning in closer to the man’s exhaled smoke. Towards the bottom of the page, surely not coving the low cut shit of the woman is a box showing all of the different kinds of cigarettes they offer. Inside the box next to the different kinds of packs, it says, â€Å"Smokers of America, do yourself a flavor. Make your next cigarette a Tipalet. This sentence tells a lot about the goal of the advert, they were assuming most people smoked and would try another kind of cigarette. Advertisements like this are not seen today for good reason smoking is dangerous and will kill you. Laws have also been pas sed to limit the amount of advertisements as well as limiting the locations the can be publicly. Context and Description The background of the advertisement is orange-yellow to give the sense of warm calming colors. There is no scenery other than the colors but it is more yellow towards the top of the advert giving me the feeling it might be a warm sunny day. The man only takes up maybe twenty-five percent of the ad whereas the woman takes up almost half. The woman has her makeup done nicelyShow MoreRelatedThe Media Standards Authority s Two Primary Types Of Responses2477 Words   |  10 Pages Offensive advertising deliberately startles and offends its audience by violating norms for social values and personal ideals, and furthers challenge the public’s conventional understanding of the social order. Offense is often more scrutinized in popular media, such as television, film, and videogames, more so than it is in advertising. However, advertising has the most potential in subliminally molding social norms because it is everywhere and often filtered and passed off as nu isance. Through

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