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Dumb Ways to Die Essay Example for Free

Dumb Ways to Die Essay The social marketing ad campaign we chose to analyze is called, â€Å"Dumb Ways to Die,† created by the McCann Melbourne advertising agency for Metro Trains. The concept behind this ad was to raise awareness around train and railway safety. With the use of its clever and catchy theme song and animated characters demonstrating the numerous examples of, â€Å"Dumb Ways to Die,† the campaign has become a viral sensation. From its release date, of almost a year ago until now â€Å"DWTD† has had over 61+ million views on YouTube, has an interactive website dedicated solely to the campaign, an app available for Apple and Android devices as well as several parody versions of the video. When we first stumbled upon this ad it was confusing as to what the exact message was up until the very end. After conducting some light research we found that Metro Trains main concern when creating this ad was to target at-risk young people who used their trains and railways and McCann did just that. They created an ad that is fun, likeable and worth watching and showcased it in the heart of any young person’s life, the internet. McCann knew they had to get creative if they wanted to grasp the young people’s attention. However, we do not believe that this ad is effective in the way that McCann and Metro Trains had hoped it would be. Although the idea of the ad is catchy and memorable, train safety is not the first thing that comes to mind when we think of it. We believe McCann has a great idea and concept with â€Å"DWTD† but the execution is slightly flawed.

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Story Of An Hour :: essays research papers

The Story of an Hour depicts a single hour in Mrs. Mallard life, in which the lady who has a weak heart experiences the momentary joy of freedom after hearing that her husband has been killed in a railroad accident. Mrs. Mallard initial reaction, upon hearing of her husband death, is not far from what readers expect: she is deeply grieved, weeps and wants to be left alone. However, during the hour she spends alone in her room, her state of mind changes dramatically. Sitting in the armchair motionlessly, she sees spring trees from the open window, smells pure air after the gentle rain, hears a faint but pleasant song, even the patched clouds outside seem to be dispersing decently in the warm and powerful sunshine eventually. All these features imply that an unconscious wish in her heart is quietly but quickly expanding. At first, she feels something is approaching her, something almost tangible, which she is not sure about: t was too subtle and elusive to name. 71) However, from that moment on, her weeping ith sudden, wild abandonment disappears, he storm of grief goes away, she is turning to the situation where she has longed for. ree, free, free! 71) The first voice of protest breaks out after those tedious, miserable years. Now she realizes the feeling approaching her and possessing her occupies her entire soul and body: his possession of self-assertion which she suddenly recognized as the strongest impulse of her being. Free! Body and soul free! 72) These unbelievably radical words show her enormous hunger for freedom, her strong wish to be herself again. Her husband sudden death has made her lifetime emotional torment come to an end, and she can be as free as a man now. On the other hand, Mrs. Mallard may cry again for the loss of her oving husband not only because of her gender role in the society, but for he still loves her and she herself had loved him as well. Moreover, the story does not tell us whether Mr. Mallard is an abusive or irresponsible husband, but this couple certainly strives for maintaining their unsatisfactory marriage. Besides, no love or security can compensate for a lack of control over her own existence (Skaggs, 53), let alone the fact that there is hardly any love in that fragile relationship.

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Too much tv

Watching something on a screen will not replace watching it in real life. The viewer will not get an education by watching shows like â€Å"The Sopranos† or â€Å"24†, Just like it will not make them dumber by watching shows like â€Å"Keeping up with the Sardinian. † Finally, it will not replace the fact that watching everything on a screen is not real life. While one can learn a great deal about what is going on in the world by watching the news on CNN or FOX or CBS, it is still important to try to get that same education in other forms like the newspaper, or the Internet.Getting everything you want from Just one source is never good, and it is Just too much T. V. I love watching television, and I watch it a lot, robbery more than I should. I love watching shows or the basketball game and losing myself in the excitement of a program. In addition, I like watching the news to learn what is going on in the world, what is going on domestically. For example I watch Nettling on rerun at night till I fall asleep or maybe I do it because I cannot sleep and I get bored.However, I have never felt smarter after I finished watching â€Å"The Big Bang Theory. † I may have felt in the past as though I have learned a thing or two, but do I feel smarter? Never. Steven Johnson argues that some television shows are so employ they make you â€Å"think† and make you smarter. For example he says that â€Å"you have to focus to follow the plot, and in focusing your exercising the parts of your brain that map social networks, that fill in missing information, that connect narrative threads (292). But does watching shows that don't make you think, like â€Å"Keeping up with the Sardinian,† make one dumber? Months ago, I watched the whole season of â€Å"Orange Is the New Black† on Nettling in the span of 2 days, After watching this show I did not feel smarter or dumber, I did not feel like I could survive in prison, I did not feel li ke I could be a lawyer. I did feel a little lazy, and kind of like I Just wasted a whole weekend. Watching some shows can make a Joke out of something and at the same time make a point about our society.Antonio Peacock in her essay â€Å"Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious† gives an example how Americans are willing to follow the instructions of a celebrity blindly- and less willing to admit that they are doing so (Peacock, 304). Television does the same thing, television might help keep the viewer interested on what is going on with what you are watching, but it is not teaching the viewer anything else about what is going on round you, it is Just stuck on whatever it is for the next 30 minutes.However, Television does have its benefits, it allows viewers to open up to things they may not have been open to before. It can help them see life is different in places like San Diego than in Israel or Egypt. There are benefits to watching a cooking a sh ow and learning a new recipe. And I understand how watching the new thriller can get you to think and try to solve a problem you would normally not do. However, the way you will get smarter or learn the new recipe is by actually doing those things yourself. I ill learn that new pose on yoga by actually trying it myself physically on the floor.Watching television and thinking we are educating ourselves and thinking we are learning something productive is kind of taking the easy way out. It is an easy way for ourselves to Justify sitting in front of the television so we don't have to go outside, or pick up a newspaper, or a book, or having a conversation with someone else. Standing up and running is always going to be better than watching the marathon on television. I love television, I spend a lot of time with it, but let us not make something of it which is not true. It is not a teacher, or a mentor, it is a form of entertainment and a way to lose your time.

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Marcus Brutus, The Most Noble Roman in Shakespeares Play...

Being ethical, patriotic, reasonable, and showing selflessness are just a few characteristics of a noble man. After the death of respected Julius Caesar, the speedy fight for power exposed the veracious side of Roman figures. William Shakespeare, in his play Julius Caesar, examines the struggles for the title of the noblest Roman between ethical Marcus Brutus and other power thirsty Romans to reveal the most honorable man. Marcus Brutus shows qualities of a noble roman through patriotism. He makes many tough decisions that result in questioning his character, but the actions he takes are for the betterment and out of the love for Rome. After the assassination of Caesar, Brutus orders: â€Å"And let us bathe our hands in Caesar’s blood / Up†¦show more content†¦Brutus can be summarized as a welcoming and loving person. Although he’s classified as a conspirator against Caesar, he tried to not scare Romans and Antony. After killing Caesar, Brutus attempts to expl ain and make peace with Antony by saying: â€Å"Our hearts you see not; they are pitiful; And pity to the general wrong of Rome- As fire drives out fire, so pity pity- Hath done this deed on Caesar. For your part, To you our swords have leaden points, Mark Antony: Our arms in strength of malice, and our hearts Of brothers’ temper, do receive you in With all kind love, good thoughts, and reverence† (III.i.169-176). By saying this to his enemy, he lessened the tension and showed ethics that he did not plan on killing Caesar’s companion. He only targeted who was wrong for Rome. Due to Brutus’s high moral standards and ethical values, he received a great amount of respect from his followers. When Brutus came close to his death he said farewell and thanked his followers. As his hands shook he said: â€Å"My heart doth joy that yet in all my life / I found no man but he was true to me. / I shall have glory by this losing day / More than Octavius and Mark Antony / By this veil conquest shall attain unto. / So fare you well at once† (V.v.34-390). By saying this Brutus tells his followers that in all his life time, he hasn’t met a man that was untrue to him. Brutus’ followers only greatly respected him because he was caring and loving to him. Not only was Brutus ethical andShow MoreRelated A Comparison of Plutarchs The Lives of the Ancient Grecians and Romans and Shakespeares Julius Caesar660 Words   |  3 PagesGrecians and Romans and Shakespeares Julius Caesar When closely evaluating the two texts: Plutarchs The Lives of the Ancient Grecians and Romans and Shakespeares Julius Caesar, there are stark differences of the theme and characters. While Plutarchs text is mostly informative, as describing a series of historical events, Shakespeare incorporates a wide variety of dramatic conventions as well as changing many events to entertain an audience. It is important to note that Shakespeares play was basedRead More Brutus is the Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar Essay858 Words   |  4 PagesBrutus is the Tragic Hero of Julius Caesar      Ã‚  Ã‚   Shakespeares play Julius Caesar is a tragic play, where the renowned Julius Caesar is on the brink of achieving total control and power by becoming emperor of the Roman Empire. Ironically enough, when he thinks he is one step away from pulling it off, his friends (most from the senate) decide to overthrow him, with Caesars most trusted friend, Marcus Brutus, acting as leader of the conspirators. Though the fall of Caesar from the mostRead MoreMarcus Brutus as a Tragic Hero Essay1002 Words   |  5 Pages A tragic hero in Shakespearean literature is understood as a noble and heroic character who makes a series of bad decisions based on his bad judgment that leads to his downfall and eventually death. In William Shakespeare’s play Julius Caesar, the tragic hero is Marcus Brutus, a powerful Roman senator who joins a conspiracy to assassinate the Roman ruler, Julius Caesar. Marcus Brutus is a tragic hero because of his noble reputation, his moral personality, the cathartic experience that the audienceRead MoreThe Downfall Of Julius Caesar1678 Words   |  7 PagesWilliam Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar provides a largely accurate and incredibly detailed record of the assassination of its namesake, the play is regarded not as one of the Bard’s histories, but as one of his greatest tragedies. Shakespeare’s poignant lyrical interpretation of the fall of Julius Caesar is defined without a doubt as a tragedy by the sorrowful nature of the development, execution, and aftermath of Marcus Brutus’ betrayal of Julius Caesar. At the start of the timelessly classic play, JuliusRead MoreThe Tragic Hero Of Marcus Junius Brutus Minor Essay1418 Words   |  6 PagesOctober 27, 2015 Tragic hero Marcus Junius Brutus Minor was the son of Marcus Junius Brutus Maior and Servilia Caepionis. His father was killed by Pompey the Great in dubious circumstances after he had taken part in the rebellion of Lepidus; his mother was the half-sister of Cato the Younger, and later Julius Caesar s mistress. Some sources refer to the possibility of Caesar being his real father,despite Caesar s being only 15 years old when Brutus was born. Brutus uncle, Quintus Servilius CaepioRead MoreA Tragic Hero As Used By Shakespeare. In, â€Å"The Tragedy1657 Words   |  7 PagesA Tragic Hero as Used by Shakespeare In, â€Å"The Tragedy of Julius Caesar,† by William Shakespeare, you can see Shakespeare’s use of a tragic hero. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is a play about how Marcus Brutus and Cassius contemplate the murder of the great Julius Caesar. The play discusses the planning of the murder, and the events that follow the catastrophe. Brutus is one of the conspirators in the murdering of Caesar and is also one of his beloved friends. Shakespeare incorporates traditionalRead MoreShakespeare’S Tragic Hero . William Shakespeare, â€Å" The1492 Words   |  6 PagesShakespeare’s Tragic Hero William Shakespeare, â€Å" The Bard†, is one of the most influential figure that shaped the english language. He has wrote some of the most well known poetry and plays. Also he has has a large influence on the english language itself. He added around 5,000 different words that we still use today. Some Shakespeare’s most well known plays are Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Macbeth, and The Tragedy of Julius Caesar. The Tragedy of Julius Caesar was one of Shakespeare s plays thatRead MoreJake Beidler. Mrs. Voshell. Honors English 10. 5 May 2017.1444 Words   |  6 Pages2017 The Tragedy of Julius Caesar, more like The Tragedy of Brutus The Tragedy of Julius Caesar is one of the better known, yet lesser understood theater installments by William Shakespeare in the Sixteenth Century. The play was first performed September 21, 1599 in the Globe Theatre in London, England. In the play there are many different and unique characters, some complex, some simple. Marcus Junius Brutus the Younger, better known as Brutus, is one of the characters in the play and the protagonistRead MoreThroughout The Course Of Society, Political Leaders And1775 Words   |  8 Pagesphysical being, but also of their mental state. In William Shakespeare’s world-renowned play Julius Caesar, Shakespeare illustrates the political, power struggle between the prodigious leader of Rome, Julius Caesar, and Brutus and his conspirators. Through the University of Houston’s production of Julius Caesar, the audience gained a unique and fresh perspective of the play. From the modern clothing the cast wore, to the in the round arena the play was performed on, and to the reversal of gender rolesRead MoreJulius Caesar the True Tragic Hero1526 Words   |  7 Pagesbecome a hero until he can see the root of his own downfall.† These words best describe what a â€Å"Tragic Hero† is and both Julius Caesar and Brutus displayed this characteristic, so the question is â€Å"Who is the real tragic hero in this story?† This paper shall explore the reasons behind why each man is considered a hero in his own right and who the rightful owner to the title of the play truly belongs to. There have been countless tragic heroes in the works of William Shakespeare such as Macbeth and