Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Too much tv

Watching something on a screen will not replace watching it in real life. The viewer will not get an education by watching shows like â€Å"The Sopranos† or â€Å"24†, Just like it will not make them dumber by watching shows like â€Å"Keeping up with the Sardinian. † Finally, it will not replace the fact that watching everything on a screen is not real life. While one can learn a great deal about what is going on in the world by watching the news on CNN or FOX or CBS, it is still important to try to get that same education in other forms like the newspaper, or the Internet.Getting everything you want from Just one source is never good, and it is Just too much T. V. I love watching television, and I watch it a lot, robbery more than I should. I love watching shows or the basketball game and losing myself in the excitement of a program. In addition, I like watching the news to learn what is going on in the world, what is going on domestically. For example I watch Nettling on rerun at night till I fall asleep or maybe I do it because I cannot sleep and I get bored.However, I have never felt smarter after I finished watching â€Å"The Big Bang Theory. † I may have felt in the past as though I have learned a thing or two, but do I feel smarter? Never. Steven Johnson argues that some television shows are so employ they make you â€Å"think† and make you smarter. For example he says that â€Å"you have to focus to follow the plot, and in focusing your exercising the parts of your brain that map social networks, that fill in missing information, that connect narrative threads (292). But does watching shows that don't make you think, like â€Å"Keeping up with the Sardinian,† make one dumber? Months ago, I watched the whole season of â€Å"Orange Is the New Black† on Nettling in the span of 2 days, After watching this show I did not feel smarter or dumber, I did not feel like I could survive in prison, I did not feel li ke I could be a lawyer. I did feel a little lazy, and kind of like I Just wasted a whole weekend. Watching some shows can make a Joke out of something and at the same time make a point about our society.Antonio Peacock in her essay â€Å"Family Guy and Freud: Jokes and their Relation to the Unconscious† gives an example how Americans are willing to follow the instructions of a celebrity blindly- and less willing to admit that they are doing so (Peacock, 304). Television does the same thing, television might help keep the viewer interested on what is going on with what you are watching, but it is not teaching the viewer anything else about what is going on round you, it is Just stuck on whatever it is for the next 30 minutes.However, Television does have its benefits, it allows viewers to open up to things they may not have been open to before. It can help them see life is different in places like San Diego than in Israel or Egypt. There are benefits to watching a cooking a sh ow and learning a new recipe. And I understand how watching the new thriller can get you to think and try to solve a problem you would normally not do. However, the way you will get smarter or learn the new recipe is by actually doing those things yourself. I ill learn that new pose on yoga by actually trying it myself physically on the floor.Watching television and thinking we are educating ourselves and thinking we are learning something productive is kind of taking the easy way out. It is an easy way for ourselves to Justify sitting in front of the television so we don't have to go outside, or pick up a newspaper, or a book, or having a conversation with someone else. Standing up and running is always going to be better than watching the marathon on television. I love television, I spend a lot of time with it, but let us not make something of it which is not true. It is not a teacher, or a mentor, it is a form of entertainment and a way to lose your time.

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