Friday, March 13, 2020

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hiter essays

The Rise and Fall of Adolf Hiter essays In the Rise and Fall of Adolf Hitler there are many hidden facts that many people including myself would not know if they didnt read the book themselves. Hitler had grown up in Austria and later moved to Germany, but then he found himself broke and homeless in the streets of Austria again. Hitler was incredibly smart and knew when to ploy his actions but in the end he became greedy which led to his defeat. In the end of his life he began to deteriorate and have frequent nervous breakdowns due to dishonest generals and the conquering of his new land by Mother Russia and the United States. Hitler was a strong willed man and if he put his mind to something he would do it, this is the scariest part of him, sure he had killed millions of innocent people but in his mind they were just in the way of his goal to eventually take over Europe and if he thought he could possibly the world. He was brought up in a strict family where everything was precious, once he had left for school in Austria he had no money or place to stay and people spat and made fun of him on the streets, especially the Jewish people, this is what created his hated towards Jews. During his war campaign he only took over countries he knew he could scare into surrendering or defeat, but towards the end his greed for power and land made him turn on his ally Russia and from then on his power went sliding down hill. Hitler would not give up in his efforts to conquer, he placed his armies in positions that would lead to the death of them all but by this time he had become delusional and not caring about the l ives of his own people. This was not a fight for the Fatherland but for Hitler himself. There are many interesting things about Hitler that were exposed in the book that a standard person would not know. Such as when Hitler was in his youth trying to get into college, he was poor, homeless, and had no support at all. With nowhere to sleep h...

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