Friday, April 17, 2020

What black belt means to me Essays - Martial Arts, Sports

"What black belt means to me" When I first started taekwondo about 2 years ago I didn't want to do it, but my mom made me and now I am happy I didn't stop and I am now applying for my black belt. First I will talk about how a black belt should represent their school and art, then I will talk about some attributes a black belt should have, then I'll explain how I will better myself if I become a black belt. What black belt means to me is someone that has taken the time out of their life to put forth the effort to better themselves by working out at the school. A black belt is someone who is strong and courageous and tries as hard as they can, they keep going to make themselves better, for example when a black belt is sparring they may get tired but they keep going and show perseverance. A black belt helps the junior belts when they have a question about their form or one steps and they can answer their question without help from an instructor. Some attributes a black belt should have is being respectful of everyone not just senior belts, they should be respectful of their peers and everyone they meet. A black belt should understand the art that their instructor taught them and respect it. A black belt should represent their school and art in a positive way, some ways that a black belt could show this is by disciplining themselves, patience, honesty, and not hurting others by fighting or bullying. A couple ways i will represent my school and art is when I get my black belt I better myself by working out not just at my school but at the gym and at home either by practicing all of my poomsae and one-steps or just working out like doing squats, running, push up and sit ups. I will only defend myself if necessary. Everything I do will be to the best of my abilities and I will try hard at everything I do because with this new belt I have more responsibilities.

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